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Are You Keeping Your Chiropractic Care on the Down Low?

Norton Shores Michigan Chiropractor - They say that an unhappy customer tells 10 people about their experience while a happy customer might tell one person.  Patients can behave the same way.  Happy patients can build a doctor’s practice, which means more people get help.  By the same token, unhappy patients can keep others from giving chiropractic a shot, which can have a dramatic impact on the health of the surrounding community.The unfortunate thing is that some people are unhappy for the wrong reason.  For example, some patients are unrealistic in thinking that we should be able to reverse a lifetime of spinal dysfunction in one week.  We always explain to our patients how long their individual problem may take to correct, so if a problem isn’t fixed in two treatments, it should come as no surprise because we do not make unrealistic promises.  However, some patients will inevitably state that “Chiropractic didn’t work,” even thought it probably would have worked had they stayed the course and followed their prescribed treatment plan.  Those people just want a quick fix and they’ll never be happy wherever they go.It is frustrating that Sally would give chiropractic a bad rap when her failure was nobody’s fault but her own since she was the one who decided to wait 4 years to get her problem corrected only to quit the program two weeks in.  But what about happy patients?!  Are they just like customers in any other industry?  Do they keep it to themselves?  Unfortunately, yes.For some reason, patients can be very reluctant to share their progress with their friends and loved ones.  Why would this be?  We are all to happy to tweet, talk, and foursquare to all our friends and followers about that amazing latte we had this morning.  But what about those migraines that have all that disappeared?  What about getting that sciatica under control, allowing you to golf and play with your kids?  How about your child’s asthma that has improved with chiropractic care?  Doesn’t that have a greater impact on your life than a tasty coffee that will only impact your life for a few minutes?Of course it does, but people are reluctant to talk about their health, especially when it’s improving with something that is considered “alternative.”  For some reason, people clam up about seeing a chiropractor because they are afraid about what some people might think (even their doctor).  Instead of WORRYING about what they think, why don’t you help CHANGE the way they think?

Chiropractic care wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for patients who helped spread the word on how they were helped by a chiropractor.  We don’t have the pharmaceutical industry to run ads constantly telling people to “See their doctor if they are experiencing (insert vague assortment of symptoms here).”  We don’t run Super Bowl commercials, sponsor PGA events (Viagra, anyone?), or put our brand on the front of a NASCAR driver’s jacket.  By the way, have you ever wondered why drugs are so expensive?  I digress....

Sure, Zehr Chiropractic runs the occasional ad.  We have a website.  I have a blog.  We have a pretty sign out front.  But what brings the majority of people in Muskegon to our office is patient referrals.  Every day, we meet patients in need of care who would have never made it through our doors if a friend or loved one didn’t care enough to share their experience.  So, if you’re happy with your chiropractor, tell somebody.  If that somebody lives far away and they want help, we will help them find a chiropractor to assist them.  Imagine how much better off our country would be if everyone was in adjustment?  Less drugs.  Less surgeries.  Better health.  Now there’s something to shout about.

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