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"But My Medical Doctor Says I Shouldn't See a Chiropractor"

Norton Shores Michigan Chiropractor -- This comment comes up once in a while with our patients (thankfully, not as much anymore as the overall understanding of chiropractic improves with time and medical folks become more open-minded).  However, this situation can be confusing for patients as they struggle to find a solution to their health care problems.  They often feel caught in the middle of a tug-of-war match.First of all, there are indeed certain situations where a patient should not consult the services of a chiropractor.  However, more than 95 % of patients don’t fall into that category because those instances (fracture, bone tumors, dislocation, etc.) are very rare.However, if a person has suffered from chronic pain, headaches, sciatica, etc. and has NOT responded to traditional medical care, I cannot imagine why a physician would have any problem if their patient decides to try something else.  What really drives me crazy is when the patient has already come to see me and is getting results!  Yet, when they tell their doctor, he says that seeing me “is not a good idea.”  Why in the world would they question something that is working?  Don't they care that you're feeling better?Let me be clear; if your physician is saying that you should not see a chiropractor, don't accept the old "Because I said so" routine.  That's not good enough in today's culture.  Gone are the days that we should be mindlessly accepting opinion as fact.  Your doctor needs to document, in writing,  WHY that is and provide literature supporting their decision.

They won’t.  Why?  Because the supposition that a patient should not see a chiropractor is NOT based on science or fact.  It is based on a biased opinion.  Furthermore, it is the opinion of someone who hasn’t been able to help you with your problem!  Why in the world should someone’s opinion matter when your health is at stake?

Members of the medical profession have tried to prove that chiropractic doesn't work.  They can't.  Furthermore, there is plenty of scientific evidence that chiropractic works and is perfectly safe.  I am more than happy to provide dozens of references from peer-reviewed journals proving this point.  More than likely, a real skeptic would find some excuse to dismiss it.  As any master in a good martial arts movie will tell you, “You can’t fill a cup that is already full.”  You would have better luck asking a Michigan fan to cheer for Ohio State.  It isn’t going to happen.So, why do they care if you are seeing us?  Is it just bias?  Ignorance?  Arrogance?   Is it because we succeeded where they failed?  Does it matter?  If you are getting results in our office, your medical doctor should be relieved, not annoyed.  You need a doctor who is less worried about his beliefs than he is about your health.  There are many physicians in today's world who are more open-minded and put your health first.  Do yourself a favor.  Find one.

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