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Every once in a while someone will say "My brother/husband/friend/neighbor wants to come and see you but doesn't want to have x-rays."  This person will either choose not to see a chiropractor period or see someone who chooses to see patients without x-rays. (more…)

Recently, a media report proposed a link between supplementing with fish oil and prostate cancer.  This was put out on all the major media outlets. It was in newspapers, magazines, and on the morning news.  Why not?  The media has one job:  attract eyeballs.  Plenty of people take fish oil and everybody is afraid of getting cancer so the media was falling over themselves to push this story out to an unknowing public.  But is there any merit to this claim that fish oil may be linked to an increased risk of prostate cancer?  Absolutely not.


"I'm starting a new diet."

When I hear these these words, I shudder...because diets don't work.  First of all, the term "going on a diet" implies that the change is short term. (A diet is like a train...if you go on you probably plan to get off, right?)


Guess what the number one excuse I get when patients neglect to do their exercises or continually miss appointments?

“Not enough time”


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