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Causes of Back Pain In Muskegon

The majority of back pain in Muskegon is caused by three everyday stresses: physical stress, chemical stress, and emotional stress. Spinal adjustments by a trained and licensed chiropractor in the Grand Rapids area can potentially alleviate your back pain caused by these interrelated stresses.

Trauma to your back because of an accident, odd twisting and tweaking, poor posture, and weak muscles can cause back pain, too. These are examples of physical stress to your spine that may be alleviated by visiting a chiropractor in the Grand Rapids area and getting a spinal adjustment.

Poor nutrition, alcohol or drug abuse, and toxins ingested through the air or water in the Grand Rapids area are all examples of chemical stresses which may result in back pain and poorly aligned spines.

Emotional stress is the last of these interrelated stresses which may affect the alignment of your spine and cause back pain. When severe enough emotional stress may weaken your immune system making your spine and back more susceptible to injury and disease and a visit to your Muskegon chiropractor could be beneficial to your health.

Any combination of these stresses, common in the Grand Rapids area, could cause your spine to go out of alignment. Spine adjustments can decrease muscle tension, reduce your stress, and thus contribute to your overall health and wellness in Muskegon.

A spinal adjustment by a trained and licensed chiropractor in Muskegon might offer you relief from your back pain.

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