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Dizziness, Vertigo, and Chiropractic Care

Norton Shores Michigan Chiropractor -- Have you been losing your balance a lot more often lately?  Are you feeling dizzy enough that you are forced to sit down to prevent a fall?  Is the room spinning around you?  If so, these symptoms can be the sign a major medical issue or a side effect of a medication.  It could also be a sign that your spine is out of balance, especially the upper neck.

Your neck is really important.  It protects your spinal cord and nervous system.  It allows you to turn so you can see oncoming traffic.  You use it to dance, communicate, and sing.  But most important, it also holds up your head!  This is no small task!  The uppermost bone of the neck (called the Atlas) only weighs an 1/8 of a pound, yet it directly holds up your head, which can weigh up to 18 pounds!  This is like your average human being walking around with a dump truck on his back.

When the upper neck bones because misaligned, this changes the way the head sits on the spine.  When the head shifts off its axis, it throws you off because all of the organs in charge of balance are located in the head.  Just like the old phrase says, it is very important to "keep a level head."

Not only are dizziness and vertigo annoying symptoms, they can be quite dangerous.  A loss of balance can cause a bad fall which could lead to broken bones or a severe head injury.  In addition, common treatments for dizziness and vertigo involve very powerful medications that have a host of serious side effects.

Only a licensed Doctor of Chiropractic can detect and treat vertebral misalignments.  At Zehr Chiropractic, we specialize in misalignments of the upper neck (or Atlas) vertebra.  We use advanced diagnostics and precise instruments to diagnose and correct this problem.  The best part is that this treatment does not hurt at all!  So if you (or someone you know) are running around with your head not on straight, consider paying a visit to a chiropractor.  It may be just what you need to get your life back into balance!

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