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Norton Shores Michigan Chiropractor -- I am constantly amazed at how many people suffer with horrible headaches.  It is also incredible how so many just simply say "it's just a normal headache that anyone gets," and just figures it is their life.  The first thing I would say here is that there is no such thing as a "normal" headache.  Certainly there are various self induced headaches that some experience the morning after a party, a bump on the head or even tension from a stressful situation.  These headaches are predictable and go away when the condition is gone.

Another common explanation patients give is that they have headaches but just take over the counter medication and they are fine.  I have had patients who have been to head pain clinics across the state and in other states and come into Zehr Chiropractic with 14 different powerful medications.  I have even seen patients turn to alcohol or marijuana.  I have told patients I do not blame them for doing anything to get rid of their head pain, but if a person could save untold amounts of money and side effects, wouldn’t that be worth seeing if a chiropractor could work?

I commonly hear from patients who have headaches from once a month to daily for "no reason."  I have also had many patients with migraine headaches that can last days and put that person out of commission, not able to work or take care of their family.  I have often said myself that I can handle about anything as long as my head does not hurt.  I too get headaches when not in proper adjustment or alignment.

A high percentage of headache patients at Zehr Chiropractic experience complete relief or at least great improvement of their headaches when the top bone in the neck is specifically and painlessly adjusted.  This is a speciality of Zehr Chiropractic in that we are the only office in West Michigan that focuses on this region.  Some patients experience immediate relief, some over a period of time.  There are patients who never have a headache again and those who get a headache when they are out of adjustment.  Rather than popping a pill, the upper bone in the neck (Atlas) can be adjusted to restore a headache free life.

So whether you just have the “occasional”, “normal” headaches or you have debilitating migraines and you want to be able to think more clearly, not miss out on family or work, consider Zehr Chiropractic as a possible end to this common complaint.

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