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How Chiropractic Care Helps Fibromyalgia Sufferers

Norton Shores Michigan Chiropractor -- Fibromyalgia is a very debilitating disease, affecting millions of Americans, especially women.  Fibromyalgia is a syndrome that includes chronic pain, digestive troubles, fatigue, and can affect mood, as well.  Fibromyalgia sufferers often bounce from doctor to doctor, trying a lot of pills that only cover up the symptoms for a short time.  In many cases, the side effects that the pills have on the patient are worse than the condition itself.  These people are searching for another option to help manage their condition and they often come to our chiropractic office for care.  But how does chiropractic care help people with Fibromyalgia?

Research has shown that fibromyalgia is the result of a malfunctioning nervous system.  The nervous system is responsible for all of our body's functions, including movement, digestion, sleep, healing, and sensation (to name a few).  Fibromyalgia sufferers experience unexplained pain and dysfunction throughout the body, from the toes to the fingertips and anywhere in between.

The bones of the spine give us structure and allow us to stand up tall, walk around, and carry out our normal duties.  They also protect the delicate structures of the spinal cord, which is a crucial part of our nervous system.  When bones slip out of position it puts pressure on the spinal cord, affecting the way that the nerves carry messages to and from the brain.  This is why many fibromyalgia sufferers have injuries to the neck and spine in their history.

There is no pill or potion that can realign the spinal column and heal the nerves and soft tissue.  To put it simply, no cover-up treatment is going to fix the problem.  Only a licensed Doctor of Chiropractic can find and correct misalignments of the spinal column.  Then, it is up to your body to heal.

Our type of care at Zehr Chiropractic is great for fibromyalgia sufferers because we do not forcibly manipulate the spine.  People are amazed at just how gentle our procedure is!  Fibromyalgia is a very difficult condition to live with, but with the proper care, we have helped many patients in the Muskegon area move better, function better, and feel better with gentle chiropractic care.

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