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The Muskegon area is amazing in the summer.  Tossing the frisbee around with the kiddos on the Lake Michigan beaches.  Hiking through the miles of woods and dune trails in the state parks.  Sitting around a campfire.  Boating on the “big lake” with family and friends.

(That paragraph is really amazing if you read it out loud in Tim Allen’s velvety smooth voice)

Pure Michigan indeed.

However, when it comes to playing in the water on personal watercraft, spine and extremity injuries are a very common problem.  A patient of mine recently told me a story about how his buddy jumped a huge wave on his jet ski, forcing him into an aerial cartwheel.  Amazingly, he held on with one hand and stuck the landing, falling back onto the seat...and fracturing his pelvis in three places.  His Sea-Doo ride became a Sea-D’oh! ride.

Unfortunately, chiropractic care is not effective in relieving the fractures sustained by this aquatic Evel Knievel.  However, plenty of people are experiencing less severe injuries to their necks and backs while water skiing, boogie boarding, and enjoying all sorts of hydro-shenanigans.

Riding a jet ski over waves or being pulled behind a ski boat by your sadistic uncle creates a lot of bouncing and jostling.  Of course, mishaps like crashes are much worse.  This can either cause or re-aggravate an existing spinal condition.  This can result in back pain, neck pain, shoulder problems, sciatica, or even headaches.

If this is preventing you from enjoying your summer activities, there may be something you can do, besides putting your jet boat up on Craigslist.  Instead, get your spine checked by a licensed Doctor of Chiropractic.  Once the spine is healthy and strong again, you can get out and enjoy this amazing weather, instead of spending it on the couch with an ice pack, bored kids, and a bruised ego.

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