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Norton Shores Michigan Chiropractor - It is that time of year once again in Muskegon.  Football and soccer practice are starting up.  Your mailbox is being flooded with department store flyers.  That last camping trip is being planned.  You want to get the beach as much as possible while you clamor to enjoy those last precious few days of warm weather.  Face it; summer is coming to a close.The rush is on to get your kids’ to the optometrist, dentist, and physician before school starts but what about their spines?  Are they being checked out?  Why not?Obviously, we all want our precious little snowflakes to have straight, cavity-free teeth and perfect vision.  But what if the headaches little Johnny is experiencing don’t go away with those new glasses or bite splint?  Have you ever considered that your child has an unhealthy neck and spine?Children are the most at risk for spinal problems because there is this crazy notion that kids always “bounce back.”  If Suzie takes a major digger off the trampoline and lands on her head, no one gets worried as long as she doesn’t sustain a fracture.  After a few days of R & R, that soreness goes away and she seems “fine.”  What often happens is that she has compensated elsewhere for the locked up joints that were damaged in her neck so her symptoms subside for the time being.  Her neck is still stiff but that will "go away" and it gets ignored.  Suzie even forgets about it.Until “it” happens.  Whether it’s a volleyball game, dance party, or an ill-advised snooze on the couch, the symptoms come back, perhaps worse than before.  Why did this happen?

Well, the body is an amazing machine and it can certainly compensate for joint problems...for a while.  A twisted neck will lead to a twisted upper back and pelvis which will lead to problems down the road because the body can only do it so long.  If your child has EVER sustained an injury to the spine, whether symptoms are there or not, they should be checked by a licensed Doctor of Chiropractic.  Problems can often be discovered before they cause a major problem.

You don’t take your kids to the dentist because their teeth hurt, correct?  You take your kids to the dentist to KEEP their teeth from hurting.  Well, teeth can be filled, pulled, and replaced if they are neglected.
Your child’s spine?  Not so much.  Thetruth is, parents would take better care of their kids' spines if they were located on their faces.  Out of sight, out of mind.  This can be a dangerous omission.Everyone knows that guy in sales  with the bad back or that lady in accounting with the bad neck and headaches.  They decline to meet up with everyone for lunch or join the office golf league because their spinal problems limit their ability to live life to its fullest.  If you want to save your child from that fate, proper spinal care is a worthwhile investment.  It's never going to be easier to fix than it is right now.

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