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Norton Shores Michigan Chiropractor - When new patients (or guests of our current patients) see our chiropractic treatments for the first time, they are usually blown away.  They expected to see something closer to all star wrestling, or maybe even MMA.  Instead, the snapping and cracking is replaced by gentle adjustments performed via precision machines.  This is because we offer the Atlas Orthogonal and Activator Methods chiropractic techniques.  Most people say that they’ve never seen anything like this before and that it must be “something new.”  In a way, they are right.  Compared to traditional chiropractic manipulation (which is over 117 years old) or pre-chiropractic manipulation (which has been around since the Middle Ages) our methods are quite new.

However, people are often surprised to find out how “old” our two  techniques actually are.Atlas Orthogonal was founded by Dr. Roy Sweat in 1981, although the foundations of the technique go way back to the 1930’s.  The instrument has been improved and perfected, but the basic premise of the technique has not changed.  The same can be said for Activator Methods, which was founded in 1977.  Both techniques are time tested and taught at several chiropractic colleges.  Both techniques are well suited to help people suffering from back pain, neck pain, headaches, migraines, and sciatica by restoring proper spinal alignment through precise adjustments to the vertebrae.  In addition, both techniques are active in the profession from a research standpoint, which improves not only each method on their own, but the profession as a whole.

At Zehr Chiropractic, we strive to stay on the cutting edge.  We utilize the newest models of chiropractic instruments our two techniques have to offer.  X-rays are displayed on 55 inch high definition screens instead of light boxes.  Records are kept on a hard drive instead of a file cabinet.  While the goals of treatment haven’t changed, the way treatments are administered has been improved significantly.  We strive to deliver effective, gentle treatments to give our patients the best possible correction that is available in chiropractic today.  It seems like every time I open up a chiropractic trade journal, there is some "new" treatment that every doc should try, but most of them flame out within a few years.  Activator Methods and Atlas Orthogonal are time tested and are here to stay.


Dr. PlemonDr. Jared Plemon BS, DC is a doctor of chiropractic at Zehr Chiropractic in Norton Shores, Michigan.  He specializes in the treatment of neck pain, back pain, and extremity pain utilizing cutting edge, non-manipulative chiropractic techniques.  He blogs about nutrition, exercise, and how chiropractic care fits in with the overall health landscape.  He lives in West Michigan with his wife and two children.


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