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Norton Shores Michigan Chiropractor -- Curvature of the spine is a reference to any side way curve of the spine also called scoliosis.  This condition usually goes undetected unless severe.  Scoliosis is often not seen by simply looking at a bare back.  X-rays of the whole spine are the only way to be able to be sure it, and to what degree, a curve exists.  It has often been said that if parents could see their children’s spine like they see their teeth, they would have their children checked early, pain or no pain, and often.  Five years of age would not be too early and scoliosis often can be corrected or improved if caught before adolescences.  Scoliosis is often due to the spine compensating for something, often the upper neck (Atlas) or the pelvis.

Medically a pediatrician will only take an X-ray if something is seen visually and may not be until 11 or 12 years of age or later.  If a curve is present, nothing is typically done but to watch it.  If it progresses a brace will be used.  This rigid brace covers the whole torso and is worn 23 hours a day.  There is little to no literature to show this helps at all.  If a curve is bad enough then chest organ function becomes effected and the spine is wired to rods to straighten it surgically.  It is thought nothing else can be done.

The good news is these curves can often be corrected if caught early enough and the cause of compensation addressed.  The bad news is so few are aware that chiropractic is even an option which compared to bracing or surgery is much more comfortable, safe, effective and affordable.

One thing that may surprise you is where the compensation often lies.  The most dramatic improvements I have seen with scoliosis, and literal improvement of the curve, is from the top bone in the neck called the Atlas.  Your head sits on this bone and when it is out of alignment the whole body compensates, even to the point of pulling one leg shorter than the other.  Now you can see how the spine can become curved.  This makes correcting scoliosis sometimes easy.  Once the atlas is in place and the head is sitting straight, the rest of the body balances.  So have your children’s spines checked just like you would their teeth.  it could save them immeasurably down the road.

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