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I have had a great experience since I have going to Zehr Chiropractic. I have gone years not being able to breathe and in constant pain. I now am able to walk, breathe and can raise my arm again (which I was going to have surgery on). I also no longer need knee surgery. I am very thankful that I found Zehr Chiropractic.
I started with Dr. Zehr a while ago, after I had been told nothing could be done with my whiplash pain because it was too high up (the atlas!) I went through years of pain and started going downhill with everything hurting. Surely a car accident injury shouldn’t last this long. There were tests and more tests, doctors and more doctors, then meds to cover what they didn’t know how to fix! I was even on Methadone, which I was thankfully able to stop taking!!

After about 18 years of decline I found Dr. Zehr. It wasn’t overnight relief but slowly my atlas started to hold and things started getting slowly better. Now if I see Dr. Zehr regularly I can live a near normal life and even play with the grandkids.

DO NOT GIVE UP – Dr. Zehr has the answer!!!
I have been a patient of Dr. Zehr for the last couple of years, coming in once a month for adjustments. I fell on the ice on January 24th (landing on my buttocks) and I thought I was ok and would just wait until my next appointment, but as the week went by, I had increased pain that affected my ambulation and balance.

I went to Dr. Zehr with slight improvement noted at first, then the pain continued to get worse and would even change to different areas, that were so painful I needed to see him, sometimes more often than I was scheduled for due to the increased pain. The office girls were always very good about getting me in on very short notice.

Over the next 4-6 weeks I experienced so much pain, that I wondered if I was going to be forced into early retirement. I continued to get relief care along with special exercises he gave me to do. By the end of February I started to make improvement and by the middle of March I finally had a day that was pain-free. If I had it to do all over again I would have called and made an appointment the day of the fall instead of trying to wait until my next appointment. I really feel that if I hadn’t been coming in here I might have been considered for a disability. So if you ever know of someone who suffers a fall, I would definitely recommend chiropractic, ASAP.
During my teenage years I was thrown from my horse twice. The second time at a full gallop and was thrown onto the blacktop road. When I was in my late thirties I was involved in a six car pile up and suffered a neck injury. In my late fifties I was injured on my job. I spent four days in the hospital and thirty days in bed.

I have had back problems most of my adult life. I was 71 years old and retired. I was doing some work as a handyman on five houses. I had lower back pain day and night for seven weeks. I saw the ad for Zehr Chiropractic and decided to try to get help. After three relief care the pain was gone. The program helped me tremendously. I am 72 years old now and still get one adjustment a month to maintain my relief care success. Thank you Dr. Plemon!
I am a local boy from Fruitport. I used to play high school, college and semi-pro football. I also used to be in the service. I was diagnosed with spinal degenerative disease. I also had broken my back when I was young, along with my legs, ankles, collar bone, and many more. I was very active until December 26, 2002, my back blew a disc and within one more month I blew another. I had to have major surgery on my spine. I received two 12 inch rods along my spine, fusion and a cage around my spine and they also corrected two more discs in my back. On November 17, 2010 I was attacked by a deer, broke six ribs, collar bone, and hair line fractured my neck. I ended up having surgery on my shoulder, adding 2 more rods along my collar bone. I was in severe pain and was on large doses of morphine every 4 hours. After seeing Dr. Zehr for about 2 weeks I noticed a difference, by a month I wasn’t on any pain medication. Dr. Zehr also found out that both shoulder blades and my hips were out. The first visit he found my atlas was extremely out of line. He adjusted all my problems and I am back running 2 miles, biking 4 miles each day. Before I was stuck watching my kids from the window, Now I am running and playing with them. I also started coaching again, now at a college.
For years I’ve been suffering from progressively worsening effects of Fibromyalgia and a diagnosis of MS (mistaken, I think). My feet have been numb all the way up to my knees, my hands were numb, and my balance was so bad, I could barely walk straight, much less ride a bike or participate in any sports. I lived in constant, relentless pain and was taking 10-12 medications every day. It was extremely difficult to stay awake for more than a few hours at a time.

My girlfriend had been badgering me to see Dr. Zehr and I finally relented when she gave me a gift certificate for Christmas. The very first time Dr. Zehr adjusted my atlas, my hands & feet began tingling as the feeling began to return! My kids both commented that day that I was walking straighter. I was thrilled. For the first time in years I could touch my children‘s faces and actually feel their skin! I’m a quilter and, for the first time ever, I could actually feel the texture of the fabrics I work with! If that had been the most improvement I ever saw I’d be happy with that – happily the improvements are still coming.

My husband commented a couple of weeks ago that he has his own wife back and my kids are amazed at what I can do now.

I’m no longer taking any pain or sleep meds. I sleep through the night and don’t even need a nap every day. My balance has dramatically improved – I haven’t fallen down in weeks & I’m looking forward to summer to see if I can ride a bike again – I think I can.

I used to have debilitating migraines several times a week – haven’t had one in over 2 months now!! Amazing, all that time lost to migraines since I was 12 years old (I’m over 50 now!) – and it never had to be!
For years I’ve had headaches, but only in the past couple they have been so bad I can’t do schoolwork because I’m so nauseous or too dizzy to see. I started going to Zehr Chiropractic by recommendation of my mom and I’m so glad I did. Yes, I still get a headache once in a while, but no more of the bedridden ones. Thanks!
I suffered from vertigo for the last two years following trauma to the right side of my head. If I looked up I would loose my balance and getting up in the morning was slow going. I also had pressure and pain in my right ear, sinus pain, and my right eye would get blood shot. Right low back pain was also a complaint of mine.

I am happy to say that after my first adjustment my ear cleared up/unplugged immediately and now almost every time my atlas goes out my ear plugs up and tells me it’s time for an adjustment. The best part was that the dizziness has gone and I can function normally.

My husband and I now maintain our spines faithfully so we can continue to feel the best we have in years, and now we are allowing our bodies the chance to function normally.
My 11 year old son started seeing Dr. Zehr the end of March for his neck which has been bothering him since falling hard on the water while wake-boarding last summer. He was constantly “twitching” his neck in an effort to make it feel better. We had seen a couple of doctors over the months, but nothing was really done to help his problem. The initial X-ray by Dr. Zehr showed what looked like to me an angle in his neck. Within weeks of relief care with Dr. Zehr, my son is no longer twitching and his second X-ray showed his neck being almost back to a normal curve. I was amazed.

More amazing to me though is that my son also had a problem with wetting the bed at night. Our family has taken this in stride for so many years that doing laundry for his bedding was just another morning activity…no big deal. He has been seeing an Urologist since he was 8 and we have tried night time alarms and various types of medications for relieving his “small bladder”. The medications have helped increase the number of dry nights somewhat. Since seeing Dr. Zehr (almost 2 months), my son has only had three nights where he wasn’t dry. We have never experienced anything like this and I highly attribute it to his adjustments by Dr. Zehr. We are now gradually reducing the medication that he is taking. He is going to summer camp at Lake Ann in a few weeks and I am not worried at all about him going.

Dr. Zehr has impacted our family’s life significantly and I would recommend that any parent with a child who experiences Enuresis at least try relief care with him. While it may not work for everyone, after trying many other avenues, this one is definitely worth a shot!
When I was about 12 or 13 years old, I was running across the lawn and didn’t see that the forklift forks were up in the air. I hit the bottom edge of the forks with my forehead which knocked me flat on my back. The doctor sewed it shut – otherwise I thought I was okay.

Sometime after that I started having problems with my left hip and shoulder. I had a slight limp when I walked, also couldn’t run too well. I had a rough time getting my shirt or coat on because of my shoulder. I also had slight headaches on my left side occasionally.

Then my mom and sister started seeing Dr. Zehr. They said it was helping them so I decided to give it a try too. Now after going to Dr. Zehr I feel amazingly better. I can run and work and my hip doesn’t bother me. I also can use my shoulder for what it was created for. My headaches are also gone.

I can feel when my atlas needs to be adjusted, so I make an appointment whenever needed. Thanks to Zehr Chiropractic I am now feeling totally different, but most of all, thanks be to God who provided a way for people to be healed.

I greatly appreciate the staff and all they do for many people. May God bless you!
When it came to deciding whether or not to take my son to Dr. Zehr, it was an easy decision. I had been visiting Dr. Zehr regularly during my pregnancy. I knew firsthand how painless and beneficial an adjustment was. So when my 3 week old son began crying and wouldn’t stop, my husband and I knew exactly what to do.

My brother had had Acid Reflux when he was a baby, and my mother had felt quite certain, by the way my son was crying, that could have the same diagnosis. After a day or so of nonstop crying, my nerves were completely frazzled and I brought him to Dr. Zehr. After two adjustments my son no loner cried out in pain. It was like he was a completely different baby. For once you could see his smiling face, and you could tell he was happy and not in pain. During these adjustments we had also been speaking with our son’t doctor. He felt that Cameron did not have Acid Reflux and was just a colicky baby. He said we should just “wait it out”, but he was going to order an upper GI. We ended up canceling the upper GI, because Cameron no longer was crying after being adjusted.

We are so happy that we didn’t have to put our son through an upper GI at a month old, and that we didn’t need to put him on medication for a year. We are so thankful to Dr. Zehr and his team. They have truly given us a gift, by giving us back our sweet, happy son.

Cameron continues to visit Dr. Zehr once a month now (10 months old). Now that he’s more accident prone (climbing into the dishwasher and trying to walk and falling) we like to make sure he is staying in place so that he’ll continue to be a happy, “well adjusted” little boy.
For about a year to a year and a half I had been having pain in both hips, lower back, and a sharp shooting pain from my left hip all the way down the back of my thigh. I tried sleeping on pillows and heating pads but they only provided temporary relief at best.

One day while browsing through the newspaper I saw Dr. Zehr’s advertisement. I had never been to a chiropractor before and probably wouldn’t have considered it then, but I was at my wits end and figured what did I have to lose?

To my amazement after my first visit the pain in my leg was gone and I haven’t had it since. Shortly after that the pain in my hips and back was gone also. As I said, I’d never been to a chiropractor before but I’m convinced that had I gone to one earlier I wouldn’t have had to suffer with pain for as long as I did.

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