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Vertigo in Norton Shores, MI: Could Your Cervical Spine Be the Issue?

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Do you feel like the world is constantly spinning, leaving you nauseous and unsteady? Does a simple change in head position trigger dizziness so severe it feels like the room tilts on its side? If so, you're likely one of the millions of Americans grappling with vertigo. And while traditional remedies and techniques focus on your inner ear, your best option for Norton Shores MI vertigo relief might lie somewhere you'd least expect – your cervical spine.


The Surprising Connection: How Your Neck Can Trigger Vertigo

Many patients seeking or considering Upper Cervical Care for Norton Shores MI vertigo relief for the first time wonder how their neck structure affects their sense of balance. Chances are, you feel or think the same way. 

To better understand everything, we suggest thinking of your spine as a communication superhighway for your balance system.  Your inner ears, eyes, and the delicate nerves in your neck send signals to your brain to help you stay upright and oriented. 

Naturally, when the top bones in your neck (the atlas and axis) are misaligned, even slightly, they can disrupt the messages traveling to and from your brain. This throws your entire balance system off-kilter, leading to the disorienting and sometimes debilitating feeling of vertigo. These misalignments can stem from old injuries like whiplash, everyday posture habits, or even life's natural wear and tear.

To learn more about the connection between head and neck injuries and vertigo, download our complimentary e-book by clicking the image below.

Achieving Lasting Norton Shores, MI Vertigo Relief

If you've been down the typical vertigo treatment or management road, you might be familiar with:

  • Canalith Repositioning Maneuvers: These are useful for addressing a specific type of vertigo (BPPV), where crystals get dislodged within the inner ear.
  • Dietary Changes: Reducing salt intake might help manage fluid buildup associated with Meniere's disease.
  • Medications: These often focus on suppressing symptoms rather than addressing the underlying cause.

If you’ve tried these options but experienced little to no relief, we suggest exploring Norton Shores MI Chiropractic Care. This way, you can determine if your atlas bone is misaligned and how you can ease it back in place.


A Natural Solution: Norton Shores MI Chiropractic 

Here at Zehr Chiropractic, where Dr. Jeffrey Zehr and Dr. Jared Plemon specialize in a gentle, highly precise form of Norton Shores MI Chiropractic Care. We carefully study each case to provide a personalized approach that can help restore balance in the cervical spine. 

That’s because misalignments in this area, even slight ones, can put unwanted pressure on the brainstem and the nerves and blood vessels that supply the head and upper body. This leads to communication disruptions that prevent your body systems - including the organs of balance - to function inefficiently.


What to Expect: A Consultation for Norton Shores MI Vertigo Relief

During your visit, we'll discuss your vertigo symptoms, health history, and any past head or neck injuries. You'll undergo a comprehensive exam, and we'll take advanced spinal images to locate any misalignments precisely. Based on your specific needs, we'll customize a care plan to gently nudge your spine back into proper alignment and encourage your body's remarkable ability to heal itself.

vertigo, Norton Shores MI Vertigo Relief, Norton Shores MI Chiropractic

Hope for Norton Shores Vertigo Sufferers

We know how exhausting and disruptive vertigo can be. Fortunately, lasting relief may be closer than you think.  At Zehr Chiropractic, we've witnessed numerous patients experience reduced episodes, decreased intensity, and for some, even complete vertigo resolution.

Don't go another day in that dizzying fog. Reach out to us at Zehr Chiropractic and rediscover a world where balance and certainty are the norms. Let's explore the potential for Norton Shores MI vertigo relief that targets the root cause instead of just masking the symptoms. Book your consultation with our Norton Shores MI Chiropractic office today!


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