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Why Vertigo Patients Respond to Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care

Vertigo, Dizzy, Dizziness, Menieres,Vertigo Treatment Norton Shores MI, vertigo causes, feeling dizzy, causes of dizziness, what causes dizziness and lightheadedness, benign paroxysmal positional vertigo treatment, how to get rid of vertigo, vertigo symptoms, labyrinthitis, how to stop vertigoVertigo refers to an abnormal feeling of movement. Often it is experienced as a spinning feeling. While this is not considered a dangerous condition by the medical community (unless it is a symptom of an underlying heart condition), it can become serious very quickly if an attack occurs while one is driving or taking part in another activity that requires a person to sense movement properly.

Because vertigo problems are often connected to the ear, most doctors will prescribe something to help clear up an ear problem. For example, an antihistamine may be provided to dry up fluid in the ear that is resulting from something like an allergic reaction. However, prescription medications often come with a long list of unwanted side effects.

As a result, some doctors are siding with more natural methods of care. For example, a doctor may recommend certain head positions that can help to get the vestibular system to reset. One physician has even recommended the use of a particular type of somersault.

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Vertigo Treatment Norton Shores MI

Upper Cervical Care for Vertigo

About a decade ago, an upper cervical chiropractor published a study involving 60 vertigo patients. After receiving gentle adjustments, all 60 patients experienced a dramatic reduction in symptoms. In fact, for 48 of the patients, vertigo was gone. Nearly all the patients had something else in common—a history of neck or head trauma.

This helps show the connection between injuries and vertigo. This condition often begins following an injury. The reason is because of a misalignment of the upper cervical spine.

By using a low force correction, such misalignments can be gently corrected. The result is a long-lasting realignment that can give the body time to heal from the damage. As noted in the study above, for many this can relieve the effects of the condition.

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