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Vestibular Migraines and Other Causes of Central Vertigo

Thousands of people wish for central vertigo relief in Norton Shores MI. While it’s not as common as peripheral vertigo, central vertigo can also severely impact a patient’s life. This is mainly because its underlying causes like vestibular migraines, head and neck injuries, brainstem tumor, stroke, and multiple sclerosis often bring about a plethora of other equally debilitating symptoms. So let’s take a deep dive into central vertigo, its potential causes, and your best options for relief.


How is Central Vertigo Different from Peripheral Vertigo

In a previous blog post, we’ve outlined the key differences between the two types of vertigo episodes. Some of the critical points in our discussion include the following:

  • Peripheral vertigo stems from a problem with the vestibular system, while central vertigo often results from a brainstem or central nervous system malfunction.
  • Migraines, tumors, and strokes are among the likely sources of central vertigo.
  • Meanwhile, inner ear infections (vestibular neuritis and labyrinthitis), BPPV, and Meniere’s disease are the usual reasons a person develops peripheral vertigo.
  • Both types of vertigo can benefit from upper cervical chiropractic care. 

To give you an in-depth background on central vertigo, let’s take a closer look at the many possible disorders and diseases that can cause it. We can start with vestibular migraine, a type of migraine that affects one percent of the US population.

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Vestibular Migraines and Central Vertigo

Whenever you think about migraine episodes, you often connect them with symptoms such as pulsating headaches, nausea, and vomiting. However, as a complex neurological disorder, it can lead to a long list of other symptoms.  

If you have a vestibular migraine, a type of migraine that impacts the vestibular system, you might rarely experience headaches during your attacks. Instead, you would feel spinning sensations. For several minutes, everything around you might appear to be spinning or shaking, a feeling similar to when you ride a merry-go-round. It can leave you disoriented and cause you to lose your balance when you walk or run. 

Vestibular migraines can develop at any age and cause severe mishaps for female patients. It also has a high chance of getting triggered if a patient has a family history of vestibular migraines. The frequency and intensity of a vestibular migraine episode also increase when you get exposed to triggers like weather fluctuations, physical or emotional stress, and lack of sleep.


Other Causes of Central Vertigo 

Apart from vestibular migraines, other central nervous system problems can lead to the onset of an annoying and frustrating vertigo episode. 

One example is multiple sclerosis, a lifelong condition that afflicts the spinal cord and brain. It often leads to many symptoms besides vertigo, such as vision and balance problems, muscle pain, spasms, and fatigue. 

If your central vertigo doesn’t stem from MS or multiple sclerosis, or vestibular migraines, here are other conditions you can ask your doctor about: 

  • Brainstem tumor – A growing tumor can press on the nerves and other parts of your nervous system, affecting your brain’s ability to communicate with your body. 
  • Cervical spine misalignment – The upper cervical bones can shift by a few millimeters after an injury, trauma, or overextension of the neck. This then leads to nerve pinching or brainstem irritation. It can also impede the central nervous system’s function. 
  • Stroke - If a stroke occurs along the brainstem or cerebellum, you might feel that you or your surroundings are spinning. It can affect your ability to move around, and it increases your chances of getting injured. 

If you are looking for an effective vertigo relief in Norton Shores MI, we strongly suggest identifying the root cause of your symptoms. This way, you can address it and benefit from a long-term resolution. For example, if the problem stems from a neck bone misalignment, you might find it helpful to seek an upper cervical chiropractic doctor for help.


Vertigo Relief In Norton Shores MI Through Upper Cervical Care 

A significant fraction of patients seeking vertigo relief in Norton Shores MI has a history of neck bone misalignment. It’s a leading problem that follows a neck injury or head trauma. If you suspect having a cervical subluxation (misalignment), you can seek the assistance of a neck chiropractor like our professionals at Zehr Chiropractic. 

The process involves getting your neck checked for potential subluxation and planning how to readjust the bones to relieve the pressure on your brainstem and spinal column. It also releases tension in the head, which may occur due to impaired drainage of your cerebrospinal fluid and blood. 

Upper cervical care is a straightforward and gentle technique used to restore and maintain cervical spine health. Thousands of patients who experience recurring vertigo attacks due to vestibular migraines and other central nervous system disorders work with a neck chiropractor to cope better. 

It’s a gradual process that will require you to receive adjustments over a specific period. You will need to have resting periods during the procedure to allow the affected soft tissues to heal independently. 

Depending on the subluxation severity, the process can last for a couple of weeks to several months. But, rest assured the adjustments will last for years, providing you with long-term relief from your recurring vertigo episodes. 

Please feel free to reach us at Zehr Chiropractic via our contact form or telephone number, 231-780-9900. Let us help you experience lasting vertigo relief in Norton Shores MI today!


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